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Webflow, UX
2 Months

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SAAS, Insurance
$11M, Series B
Saas landing page
Featured website
Featured website
Nova Benefits is a full-service employee benefits company that offers a range of solutions designed to help organizations optimize their benefits offerings.
By leveraging advanced technology and data-driven insights, Nova Benefits provides customized packages that meet the unique needs of each customer. These packages include comprehensive healthcare plans, retirement programs, and wellness initiatives that promote employee engagement and productivity.


Pixel perfect UI design
A website with a pixel-perfect UI design that reflects attention to detail and conveys a sense of quality.
Animations and interactions
Animations and interactions that enhance the user experience, making it engaging and interactive, thereby keeping visitors on the site for longer periods.
Responsive design
The website is responsive and adapts to different screen sizes, providing a seamless user experience regardless of the device used.
Enforcing brand image
Strong brand image and create a positive impression in the minds of visitors, increasing the chances of converting them into customers.
Precise & scalable development
Pixel-perfect development that would be scalable and component-based, making it easy for them to make changes independently without the need for developers.



Complex animations
The project faced significant challenges, primarily concerning the implementation of complex interactions and animations in Webflow.
Mobile-first design
The dev team had to ensure perfect implementation while making sure that the website was optimized for mobile devices, with a focus on a mobile-first approach to ensure an optimal user experience.

/Our Happy


Asis Panda
Director of Design, Nova Benefits
We were not looking for an agency, we were looking for a team who would have as much skin in the game as us.

EPYC delivered through and through without leaving a single stone unturned. With their help, we have launched novabenefits.com and it has gone on to organically be featured in many respected and admired website design curations and awards.
What Asis loved about us
Pixel Perfect Implementation
Co-building Way of Work


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The Nova Benefits team gave glowing reviews for not just the quality of the product developed, but also the kind of experience they had while working with our team at EPYC.
Saas landing page
Featured website
Featured website