our epyc story

story of builders of the metaverse!!!

Before the Big Bang

Being Engineers, we don’t believe in fate, but if Bollywood made a movie on how Mayank, Keshav & Rishabh bumped into each other, it would be truly epyc. 

Random weekend in 2019

We met up at a work cafe in Connaught Place and rant talk about design communities in India. Wait, should we do one ourselves?

People who Design

We should do it, right? Start a design community? One fine day, we randomly stumbled upon peoplewho.design and maybe this was a sign from god himself.

Slackin with Slack

PeopleWho.Design has a Slack channel, but we haven’t launched it yet.. Oops. We need a website and a social media handle to launch right?

Social handles secured (except for Twitter 😔), but what to do about the website?

Adrenaline rush

This is it. Today we’ll make a website (in webflow, of course) and LAUNCH. 
“Narrator: they did not launch”.

Mandatory bloopers

We had the designs ready, and one of us decided it’ll be fun to hook up the domain with a Figma embed of the landing page. 

*ding!* Got texts from a dozen people that the website looks nice and why we didn’t announce the launch yet. Oops. 😶

It’s go time

We’re live. OFFICIALLY! 🎉
In no time, we have 100+ new members on DAY ONE.

First offline event

Back in the days, when we still had offline events, we did our first with Webflow! It was fun & yep, we got pictures! 📸

More events

In no time, we had partnerships (can we call it that? yeah?) rolling in from Figma, Protopie, Voiceflow & AngelHack. 

Back to back events, it was AWESOME!

Serious business

Very very late in 2019, we got on a conference call and discussed how to move forward. One of us said, “if you’re in, I’m in”, and that was the point where we decided this is it; we’re starting a no-code and design studio.

First project

Not even a week in, we landed our first project as a studio. Want the full story? Yes, you do. 👀

And then everything came to a halt

The pandemic hit, and the lockdowns were imposed. Our sales pipelines dried out, invoices were delayed. What’s next? Not sure.

Let’s go hunting

Metaphorically. We built and launched our first no-code product on ProductHunt - a Covid19 chatbot. You could take a 5-min assessment if you had covid symptoms, find test sites nearby or donate to local NGOs. Best part? It supported 15+ vernacular languages and helped more than 100,000 people in their tough times. 

Cohort-based courses?

We did that before it was cool. Cohort-1 was in full swing by the last week of May, learning how to ideate, build mobile apps & websites and go live in the market without code.

Fortune 500

Our studio is running strong - we’ve started working with customers like Amazon & IBM in partnership with one of our community partners. Oh wait, didn’t we also make an app for Akon?

Government likes no-code too

While we’re working with our corporate partners & customers, we contributed to projects by Government agencies like NITI Aayog & high-profile non-profit foundations like Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation & Atal Innovation Mission.

Salon software makes money 🦄

A Salon-management SaaS can have a billion-dollar valuation. How do we know? We worked with one to build something crazy - so crazy even developers couldn’t comprehend it.And we made it without code 👀.

Hello there, Prateek

Prateek is our all-things-technology guy & Mayank’s college friend. Wait, CTO at a no-code company? Everyone needs a CTO at some point, huh?

Our fintech game is strong

Discovering your financial independence number is essential. This is why we built a FIN calculator for DiscoverFIN. And the best part? Built entirely without code on Webflow.

First Office

After months of working from co-working spaces & homes (the pandemic, you know), we got our first independent office!

Prateek documented our journey setting up our office on his YouTube Channel 👀. 

YC, I see

Two cohorts in, we decided to apply to YCombinator for PeopleWho.Build. It was an exciting journey, with lots of stuff to learn & experiment with. We weren’t selected, but we did end up in the top 10% of startups who applied 🙄

Accelerating progress 🚀

We’re pitching to a premier VC firm in India. Huh? WE’RE PITCHING TO A VC FIRM! Okay, wait, that’s too much hype. We’re pitching to them as a No-Code Studio.

Next stop is New Zealand 🇳🇿

New Zealand has one of the world’s premier universities & myNZUni wanted to make it accessible for international students.Of course, we said Yes.Did you know just 8 universities in New Zealand offer 5000+ programs to international students?

Ups and downs 😔

One of our customers decided it was best to part ways. And we understand, we weren’t the best fit for what they were looking for. No, they aren’t mentioned in this timeline anywhere else.

Vacation time ⛱️

Contrary to what the emoji suggests, we went on a vacation to Manali and spent a good week in the mountains. And yes, we took pictures! Lots of ‘em!. Keshav wanted to relax & this was the only time we saw him hold a glass of wine instead of his Logitech mice.

The next EdTech Unicorn?

Possibly, and we’ve got news to share. PeopleWho.Build is M&A’d with GrowthSchool to further scale our mission. 

Seen some ads with Keshav & Mayank’s faces lately?

Seed to Scale 📈

Remember the VC firm pitch? Yeah, we’re working with them now. Building their content and learning hub in its entirety, on No-Code. Fun fact - they’ve backed and scaled 150+ startups like Flipkart & Swiggy 🤯

How do we hire

Yeah, hiring in this market is hard. We tried to hire a couple of developers but it didn’t work out that great. We’re still looking for multiple roles, want to join us?

Beyond Mars, there’s Jupiter 🌌

Apologies for skipping the planets in between, but Jupiter is where we landed. We worked with Jupiter.money to build their waitlist firstlist program from scratch and again, without code.

Half-century or what?

Two years in, we have shipped 50+ products to production for 30+ customers & expanded our team to 15+ kickass employees. Mind blown 🤯

Reserve your spot on this timeline 🎫

Uh, how do we say this... But we’re waiting to hear from you. Drop us a line & let’s start working on a kickass project together. Our contact page can handle the rest of the stuff here.


If you came all the way down here, this is your cue.