Chaitanya's first year at EPYC.

January 1, 2024
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Chaitanya's first year at EPYC.

College Saga

Photo of Chaitanya in his College.
I'm the guy who's thinking

After graduating from Dyal Singh College with a degree in B.Sc(Hons.) Computer Science, I was filled with excitement and ambition. However, reality quickly dawned on me. The perils of doing a B.Sc instead of a B.Tech were becoming more evident daily. The college didn’t provide any campus placements, and I was ineligible for numerous roles that intrigued me. The consensus was that pursuing an MCA would enhance my chances in the IT world.

Hence, I decided to go for my master's. I geared up for the entrance exams but missed the cut-off by a mere few marks. Undeterred, I dropped a year to try again. Unfortunately, the examination pattern changed the subsequent year and this time, I missed by an even more significant margin.

Job Hunt Saga

With a heavy heart, I turned my focus toward securing a job and began applying left and right. It was during this phase, that I heard about EPYC, thanks to my friend Mehul. Before this, I had done an internship while in college, where I worked with Vue.Js. It turns out EPYC was looking for an Engineer who could work with Nuxt.js, which is a framework based on Vue.js. The job seemed to be a match made in heaven.

Application Saga

With a renewed sense of purpose, I sent an email to Prateek (CTO at EPYC) expressing my interest in working at EPYC. To my great delight, I received a positive response very promptly.

The Interview Saga

I had my first call with Prateek; I was given an interview task that took me about a week to complete. One new aspect of the interview was creating an explainer video for the solution I had implemented for the task. Having to record and edit a video was new to me, and after numerous retakes, I finally managed to create one that I was satisfied with. I sent my work back to Prateek and waited with anticipation. The hard work paid off, and I was accepted!

Watch my explainer video here:

P.S. It’s super fun :b 

The EPYC Journey Begins: Wild Chaitanya appeared. 

Me on Day 0 at EPYC

My official journey with EPYC began on 10 October 2022. I made quite an entry, joining the daily stand-up call unannounced. I was supposed to join it the day after. The introduction to the team was both exhilarating and nerve-wracking.

Experience So Far: Wild Chaitanya Staying

Team at Zomaland

Initially, I was pretty nervous, given that this was my maiden full-time job. Joining the small engineering team alongside Nivekithan and Prateek was thrilling. I had the opportunity to work on a product called Magic. Working on a live product was intimidating, especially one with real users. This role educated me about engineering decisions' implications on other facets of a product such as Marketing and Sales.

Pakoda Party at Office

My teammates have been nothing short of amazing. I've made tons of relationships with people that extend beyond work and gotten to know so many amazing people. Prateek has been the perfect mentor that I could have ever asked for; his ability to explain and teach anything (often using Cricket metaphors) is something that helped me a lot in my initial days. Working closely with Keshav has taught me a lot about the mindset required for building a startup from the ground up. I formed close bonds with so many people, some of them who have gone on to follow their dreams outside of EPYC. Working with Mehul, Sakshi, Muskaan, Harshita, Ashish, Abhishek, and Nivekithan has been nothing short of amazing and has taught me so much.  

We have gone on to make unforgettable memories, like going to Zomaland. It was a night to remember. We had so much fun, had so much great food, and danced to the music with no care in the world. That is something that I'll cherish forever.

Special Weekends at EPYC: Zomaland & Pre-Christmas

Every day at EPYC is exciting and comes with unique experiences and learning opportunities. I have grown and will continue growing here, both professionally and personally. 

Right now, I'm deeply engrossed in Project Saraswati and thoroughly enjoying my time. If my journey resonates with you, or if you're looking for a place that promotes growth, collaboration, and innovation, join us at EPYC!

Chaitanya Raj Dixit
Chaitanya Raj Dixit
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