Special Weekends at EPYC: Zomaland & Pre-Christmas

December 17, 2022
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Team EPYC had a special weekend. People had travelled from other states to join us and enjoy themselves. Despite their vast and varied backgrounds, the members of Team EPYC were united in their passion for creativity and ambition.

Having a lovely team lunch at Delhi's Connaught Place got the weekend off to a great start. The team's energy level, conversations, eating, & shopping were all at an all-time high.

After that, the gang visited Zomato's food festival, Zomaland, which was hosted in a large outdoor location & included a wide variety of food booths presenting gourmet cuisines. The momos (from Sheikh Chang Singh), pizzas, fries, ice cream, and live music had our heart & we vibed throughout. 

After a humorous and musical drive, we arrived at India Gate. The team thoroughly loved Delhi's vibrant nightlife, which has long been a favourite. After enjoying some delicious street side gol gappas and orange bar, we eventually left for our final stop of the day.

We enjoyed a pleasant night of activities, storytelling, adorable treats, and cute goodies. The team had an absolute fun day.

We anticipate more of these adorable little gatherings in the future.

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